Energy Monitoring



Why Energy Monitoring?

Before you can truly understand your energy usage, you need to be able to measure it.

We have seen household and business energy consumption increase year on year. CJ Electrical can provide real-time data on your overall energy use and the cost of this consumption using charts that map the data daily, weekly, monthly and on a historical basis.

If you have solar panels installed then we can show you how much energy is being generated. This information will allow you to understand when the best time is to switch on appliances to get the maximum benefit of the power you are generating.

Energy Monitoring can be used to determine exactly how efficiently appliances are running and also highlight the hidden electrical usage a product may have whilst on standby. Showing cost against usage, our user friendly internet base portal with personal log in details, will highlight any increases or decreases associated with the selected appliances.

In the current climate it is important that households and businesses monitor and manage the cost of their utilities. CJ Electrical can monitor the costs of all utilities enabled, so you can effectively manage and reduce monthly outgoings by measuring and monitoring your utility use.

What are the benefits?


Knowing what power you are consuming in real-time helps change behaviours that result in energy savings and reduction in your carbon footprint, leading to change in the way we live and work.

Having visibility of your energy usage is just the first step in taking control of your utilities.

With Email alerts, whether at home, work or on the move, you can be alerted to appliances that have been left on, have been running at unplanned times of the day or have gone off unexpectedly.

The Energy Monitoring provides up to the minute energy and utility data that is translated through graphs that show daily, weekly and monthly historical data. Fluctuations in energy consumption and generation with related costs are clearly visible.

What to do Next?

CJ Electrical Energy Monitoring specialists offer a free of charge no obligation site survey to see if we can help you save money. We are able to offer bespoke monitoring solutions inclusive of in depth reports and suggested energy savings. We will also provide quotations for the proposed works complete with payback periods.

As a leader in renewable energy we are able to carry out any energy improvements that would provide both short and long term savings.