Battery Storage


Battery Storage Systems or Electrical Energy Storage Systems (EESS) allow electricity to be stored and used when the demand requires. EESS may be installed for a number of reasons.

  • Increasing self consumption of a building with a renewable energy system installed such as wind, solar PV or hydro-electric.
  • Arbitrage services, i.e. when electricity costs are low the EESS could store the energy and discharge during times of peak electricity prices or on demand. 
  • Ancillary services, i.e. providing grid support to assist with frequency regulation and voltage support, therefore smoothing out the grid.
  • Providing a back up or alternative power supply during the event of a power failure.

Our specialist Battery Storage System designers can survey your property and recommend the most suitable unit for your energy useage. We use only the very latest technologies from quality brands, ensuring we offer the very best guarantees the industry has to offer.